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Our Recent Work
CMR ( is a simple and safe way for Missourians to clear their criminal records. The website provides step-by-step guides and educational activities to ensure individuals are aware of opportunities available to them. Eligible individuals can use the online intake form to get in touch with a free, licensed attorney who will represent them in court. For simple cases, they can answer a few questions and generate the necessary court-approved forms to file on their own.
The Missouri Clean Slate coalition ( seeks to expand the scope, availability, and reach of the expungement process, by engaging relevant stakeholders and empowering them to design and craft shared solutions to obstacles in the policy, data, technology, and individual access arenas.
The ALWD website is built on an open-source and mobile-friendly platform CMS. It features a membership management system, an electronic payment system, and a searchable archive of Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD Journal.
Kansas Protection Order Portal is designed to simplify the process of filing protection orders. It includes self-guided interviews that generate petitions which can be filed with the court online. It also has resources on domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, and human trafficking.
The LTL website is an international initiative that brings law students and faculty together with legal technology innovators within the context of innovative prototyping and development projects related to the practice of law and policymaking.
Famous Trials
The Famous Trials website is an online database of accounts, maps, photos, videos, transcript excerpts, and other teaching materials relating to over 95 famous trials ranging from Socrates to George Floyd.

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